System for the quick deployment of sensor networks

The present invention provides a new system to facilitate and extend the use of wireless sensor networks. This implies the rapid and easy deployment, configuration, commissioning, usage and maintenance of a wireless sensors network.

This system is based on proprietary algorithms, toolkits and a patented technology for monitoring the quality of the nodes’ communications in a meshed environment. This technology guides the user during the deployment stage, indicating through a visual notification if the node is correctly connected to the network under construction, and the quality of this connectivity. Each wireless node includes a set of embedded sensors and different interfaces to connect commercial probes and sensors for different applications. Most of the complexity is managed by the nodes, giving the user simplified tools to configure and start the system, with a known quality of service. Then, the network can start working unassisted and self-managed to comply with these reliability requirements, and sending data to a local datalogger, an industrial network, or an IoT/cloud infrastructure.

By providing these features, this system avoids the need of specialized personnel and equipment for using wireless sensor networks and opens the door to use these systems in itinerant applications such as audits or field research. The system has been developed by Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI) and it has been tested in real environments, currently, its development is advancing from TRL 6 to TRL 8. The ITI’s objective is to license or co-develop the technology, with the aim of bringing this innovation to the market.

Institution: Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)

TRL: 6-7

Protection status: Granted patent

Contact: Miguel Estruch /