Method for modulating gene expression in plants, based on siRNAs

The present invention provides a new method for modulating gene expression in plants by artificial or synthetic trans-acting siRNAs (syn-tasiRNAs). It is the first method that allows the use of siRNAs for achieving a desired gene silencing degree over a target gene/s. This new approach opens the door to new applications of siRNAs and gives more flexibility to the technique.

The method has been successfully tested in 3 different genes of Arabidopsis and N. benthamiana and a plasmid vector for cloning and expressing syn-tasiRNAs has been designed. This technology has been developed by the Plant Virus Biotechnology research group at the Institute For Plant Molecular And Cell Biology (IBMCP, UPV-CSIC) and a patent application has been submitted in Spain, keeping the possibility to expand worldwide. The objective of the company represented is to license or co-develop the technology, with the aim of bringing this innovation to the market.

Institution: Universitat Politècnica de València

TRL: 3-4

Protection status: Patent application

Contact: Miguel Estruch /