Unleashing the hidden value of Innovation

Our Manifesto

We want society to benefit from knowledge and innovation created by visionary enterprises. We believe that until value reaches its upper-limit, innovation’s potential is not fully utilized and society loses opportunities. Thus, we strive for your success; where your gains are society’s gains.

Why Viromii?


Experience in venture creation, intangible assets capitalization, and business and intellectual property strategy are our solid foundations at Viromii.


Viromii was born in Sweden, where we discovered our manifesto. We count with active presence in Spain and Mexico, working with many international partners.


At Viromii we are not consultants. We form solid partnerships working next to you during the whole way. Your success is our success!

Our Way




Using proprietary methods, we analyze every innovation and aggregated knowledge; we break it down, understand every single component and identify where the real value resides. We uncover the full potential of your innovation.

Strategy Design


Strategy Design

Once the full potential of the innovation is understood, we design specific strategies to control and capitalize it, developing new revenue streams, for a sustainable competitive advantage.




We team up with you and execute the designed strategy with minimal impact in your daily operations. We work as one and together we build more value from your innovation.

Viromii provides value to every organisation we work with

Economic value

Identification of alternative revenue streams.

Cost reductions and development optimization.

Increase the financial valuation of the company.

Strategic value

More informed strategic decisions.

Long term positioning and strategy.

Creation of sustainable competitive advantage and business model.

Our Team

Miguel Estruch

Co-Founder, Valencia Office

After having founded three tech-based start-ups in the Nordics, and having worked at departments of innovation and competitive intelligence, Miguel specializes in boosting technology-based companies.

Vicente Barberá

Co-Founder, Valencia Office

Vicente is an intellectual capital management expert. Vicente has worked in the IP department at PHILIPS healthcare and has worked as consultant for PARC and different Spin-off.

Our Advisory Board

Bowman Heiden

IP, open innovation, knowledge- based biz

Bowman is the Co-Director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP), and directs the Impact Accelerator at the Sahlgrenska School of Innovation. Previously, Bowman was Innovation Director for the Qatar Science & Technology Park. During his career, Bowman has managed over 100 innovation projects with industry, research institutes, and start-up.

Henric Rhedin

Industry, Tech-transfer and licensing

Henric is the President of ASTP Proton, the European leading knowledge transfer association. Henric has experience from industry as CEO and has been board member of several companies. Henric has a PhD in Physics and works for the Institute for Innovation and Social Change, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Projects we've worked with

Technology transfer

Technology transfer

Spanish company looking for industrial partners for
the development and commercialization of a new
patented invention in the automotive industry. A
technology packaging, international partners
scouting and execution of communications for
formalizing the collaboration were performed.

IP strategy for an early stage venture

IP strategy for an early stage venture

Swedish Start-up in need of an innovation and IP
strategy. Based on the business strategy, resources,
competitor’s strategy and long-term positioning an
innovation and IP strategy was designed, part of the
execution was carried out.

Innovation evaluation & utilization strategy

Innovation evaluation & utilization strategy

A partner from South Europe wants to evaluate
and design a commercialization strategy for its
new development. Applying the intellectual asset
management framework the innovation was
evaluated, different utilization strategies were
identified, and a licensing strategy designed.

Start-up packaging. Ready to investment

Start-up packaging. Ready to investment

High-tech start-up in need of investment.
Preparation of the start-up packaging, focused on
its control position on its innovation, market value
it delivers and long-term positioning.

About us

We want society to benefit from knowledge and innovation created by visionary enterprises.

Using proprietary methods, we study the innovations, analyze their environment, and generate utilization strategies for them. Helping to maximize the generation of value coming from innovation and intangible assets through new revenue streams.

Connect with us

Viromii has active presence in Sweden, Spain and Mexico. We are constantly expanding our network of innovators, agents of change and new minds.

 We look forward to hear from you!


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