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Welcome to the new era of Learning

Join the future of education with the user-friendly e-learning platform designed by researchers from the University of Barcelona.

Unlike other learning management systems, Uptitude is based in the concept of “self-regulated learning”: the students can set up their own learning goals, and then monitor and control their cognition, motivation and behavior. Consequently, this learning method fosters the development of effective time management, problem-solving, and emotion management skills.

This platform gives professors a powerful and flexible tool to plan courses and tasks, allowing students to complete them at their own pace.

The process

Self-regulated learning is a cyclic process, consisting in the following three phases:

  • Planning: The task is assessed, considering one’s ability to solve it successfully, and determining the necessary time and goals for its completion.
  • Execution: The task is monitored as it is being carried out.
  • Reflection: The task is evaluated, with an explanation of the reasoning behind the obtained results.

After these stages, the gained experience and knowledge are transferred to future tasks.


The platform

Uptitude enables teachers to create various courses with different template sequences and diverse activities within a course. These activities may include questionnaires, peer reviews, or allow the students to provide feedback from users. Additionally, it is also possible for the teachers to configure their courses from scratch.

Students can access their timeline and calendar to plan for deadlines, share questions and thoughts in course forums, and review their qualifications.

The development of Uptitude is being led by a multidisciplinary group from the University of Barcelona. The team includes members of the Learning, Media & Social Interactions research group and members from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Institution: Universidad de Barcelona & Fundacion Bosch i Gimpera

Contact: Pablo Lago / tech@viromii.com