Seed coating containing a biocontrol agent and hops cones as carbon source

Commercial seeds usually are coated in order to provide protection, resistance against different stresses, improve planting conditions and crop development, among other reasons. Some of these coatings are based on the use of biocontrol agents, which require carbon sources to develop and fulfill their function. Until now, the most common carbon sources used are finite and must be directly extracted from the ecosystem, which creates an environmental problem. Moreover, different carbon sources are mixed, being difficult to control how the mixture will affect the plant and biocontrol agent development.

To solve these problems, researchers from the University of León have developed the use of HOPS CONES as carbon source for biocontrol agents in seed coatings. These compounds are environmentally friendly and their beneficial impact, on the plant development and germination, has been demonstrated. Furthermore, the use of one carbon source allows to better control how external conditions affect the coating. A patent application covers the use of HOPS CONES as carbon source in seed coatings containing a biocontrol agent, including the application method and the coated seeds. The objective of the institution represented is to license the technology in order to bring this innovation to the market.

Institution: Universidad de León

TRL: 3-4

Protection status: Patent application

Contact: Miguel Estruch /