New family of spiro-heterocyclic compounds for pharmaceutical applications and its synthesis method

Spiro-heterocyclic compounds are broadly applied in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as building blocks or grouped in molecular libraries that will be used in drug discovery processes and in the synthesis of new molecules, however, there are a limited amount of chemical building blocks to combine, therefore, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are always on the look of new families of compounds.

The present invention provides a new family of spiro-heterocyclic compounds where one of the rings is a cyclobutane group with an alkenyl substituent group (C=C) in the second position. These compounds can be used as scaffolds to contain other structures of great pharmaceutical relevance. Also, this alkenyl substituent group increases the rigidity of the structure, being this one of the most important attributes in the synthesis of new drugs.

Finally, this new structure can serve as a base for the creation of new drugs that until now could not be synthesized. Regarding the development stage, production at a milligrams scale has been achieved. The represented institution is the University of Murcia, and a patent has been filed being the PCT extension very recent. The represented University is looking for a collaboration that leads to a commercial exploitation of the presented invention.

Institution: Universidad de Murcia

TRL: 3-4

Protection status: Patent application

Contact: Vicente Barberá /