Development of a centralised EU corporate reporting repository and new analytical tools combining financial and qualitative data

Currently, most sectors of the economy are undergoing a digital and information technology transformation that has widespread implications for how companies run their businesses. Analysis of corporate reporting data is fundamental in the decision-making processes of investors and stakeholders. Corporate reports include not only quantitative but also qualitative information, -texts and images. This qualitative information is relevant, and its analysis, in conjunction with the financial data, would provide a more complete understanding of firm operations. However, until now, corporate reporting analysis have only focused on numeric information, ignoring qualitative information.

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University, both from Sweden, are developing a new tool and a database of corporate reporting, which allows analysis of all information presented in corporate reports, including text, images and numeric information. This tool would be especially useful to improve the decision-making processes of investors, wealth managers, accounting and finance professionals, and other stakeholders’. The project team is looking for stakeholders that want to become partners of the project by providing co-development support.

Institution: University of GothenburgChalmers University of Technology

TRL: 1-2

Protection status: Know-how

Contact: Miguel Estruch /