Viromii has already been one year around !

More or less one year ago, we came back to Spain from Sweden with the idea of setting up a company, Viromii. One of the reasons to move to Spain was that the Spanish technology and innovation ecosystem was growing and we identified a need for new actors. Viromii was born with the aim of closing the crescent gap between research & development and the market. Since we created Viromii, our business model and value proposition have been changing and adapting to the needs of our growing portfolio of clients. However, our goal and mission always remained the same, to help companies and research-based institutions in the process of bringing innovations to the market.

Since our beginning, Viromii has passed through the difficulties that many young companies have to endure such as finding and validating a business model, lack of proper working space, constant bureaucratic burdens, oversized costs, lack of credibility, etc. But none of these difficulties would get us down. We had a goal in mind aligned with the needs of the market, we just needed to start working on it.

In October we got accepted to join the UPV entrepreneurial ecosystem (Start-UPV) granting us an office in the very center of the Valencian technology innovation hub. Since then, our focus has been to start talking with every actor we could find involved in technological innovations and entrepreneurship ecosystems. Doing so, granted us some projects, and most importantly, it commercially validated our market. At this point, everything was in place, Viromii had a validated market and proposition, a space to work at, and an experienced team with a goal.

Viromii adapted fast to the needs of the clients, and now we offer a variety of services focusing mainly on research-based institutions and high technology companies.

Regarding the research-based institutions, Viromii:

  • Help them assess the best market to apply their research and technology.
  • Assist in the creation of commercial and technology transfer strategies.
  • Identify and contact industry partners with potential interest in their technology to validate the market (e.g. validate countries to extend the PCT application, generate entry points, find the technology needs of the companies, etc.).
  • And much more…

On the other hand, with high-tech companies Viromii offers business development services on-demand like:

  • Investment matchmaking.
  • Market access to the nordic countries.
  •  Intelligence analysis of competitors.
  • And many others, depending on the specific needs.

As the first projects were coming in, the team was expanding, and our field of work narrowing towards life-sciences, cleantech, and biotechnology. Now, one year after that, we have mapped and contacted the tech-innovation ecosystems of 8 European and latin american Countries and we have clients and partners in half of them. Viromii has been present in a handful of international events, and its co-founders have been invited as panelists, mentors, lecturers, and speakers by five different organizations, business schools, and universities. The team is growing and as of now, it involves people from 5 different countries, including Ecuador, Romania, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Spain. We are setting international collaborations with partners all over the world, and looking for new international talent to enrich Viromii’s team.

It has been a very intense year at Viromii, and we will keep working hard to keep here for many years always with one goal in mind, to help innovations reach society.