2020 at Viromii, what a year!

What a strange year! At Viromii we wanted to share our evolution now that we are facing the end of 2020. Since our first client in 2018, when we created the company, we have been doing what every other young company should do, which is to validate the business model with potential customers. Throughout this validation, we shaped the company into what it is today, a tech-focused consultancy firm that supports business development and technology transfer operations and works mainly with research-intensive institutions and high-tech firms.

Now, we are still working from the Start-UPV ecosystem, but we moved from the coworking space to renting two private office spaces. Another core milestone for us is the team, which has also expanded. Now, we are happy to have Laura Nuñez, an industrial engineer and MBA who recently became a full-time Project Manager at Viromii. Also, we started working on our communication and market reach with the experienced support of Raquel Martínez, which has started working with us recently. Finally, we grew our technical team with Guillermo Lillo and Cristina Catalá, two promising engineers with impressive business capabilities.

This year, one of the most relevant achievements for us has been to surpass the 40 client barrier. Furthermore, many of the projects we have this year are from previous clients, which means that we are on the right track and led us to double our yearly revenue. During this year’s projects, we worked with 41 new technologies, including patented inventions, spin-off and start-ups, and trade secret-protected technologies. Also, we have signed or are currently negotiating a licensing agreement for 36% of the technologies we have in our tech-transfer portfolio.

Last but not least, we kept our team multicultural and multidisciplinary, always learning from each other and trying to create an open and innovative space for new ideas and ways of working. We hope you enjoyed the read, keep tuned for new posts!