Biohub VLC – a first step for consolidating Valencia as a Biotech Hub?

In one of the most privileged environments of the city of Valencia, also qualified as the pole of innovation and entrepreneurship, has born Biohub VLC, the first privately managed business centre in Spain to support Health Science Companies in scaling phase.

The Valencian Community stands out for its cluster in the Biotechnology sector, consolidating itself as the fourth Spanish region with more companies dedicated to this field and concentrating 10% of the sector in its territory. Over the last year, it has grown by 9.2% but, even so, there are still numerous factors that hinder the potential development of this industry, such as the scarce cooperation between the different agents in the sector, the difficulty in attracting talent or the lack of training in business management. With the objective of eliminating these frontiers and with the aim of fostering the Biotech sector in Valencia, Biohub VLC appears.

Biohub VLC counts with more than 3,600 useful square metres and an investment of 1.5 million in the refurbishment of the 5th Base of La Marina de Valencia, the aim is to create a participative space in which there is an exchange of knowledge, technology and economies of scale between companies and agents from the Health Sciences sector.

By signing agreements with major research centres, universities and hospitals at regional, national and international level, as well as with business associations, Biohub VLC seeks to put the city of Valencia in the spotlight of the biotechnology sector. This is the reason why, besides being an accelerator for biotech companies, it also intends to be a meeting place for the industry, with the celebration of congresses and events of both national and international nature.

At the beginning of 2020, Biohub VLC will become a reality with the welcome of the first company to move into its facilities: Imegen, the first of the 20 companies expected to set up in this centre.

From Viromii we are expecting to see how the project develops and how it impacts the development of the Biotech sector in the region.