Application area analysis for a technological innovation

Application area analysis for a technological innovation

Type of organisation


Problem to solve

Technology under development with many potential applications. There was a need to identify the applications area with biggest commercial potential in order to continue with the technical development and prepare the technology transfer / commercialization strategy.

Steps we took


First, a preliminary global study was done in order to identify the most relevant universities and stakeholders developing this technology, as well as to know the maturity of the technology worldwide.


Then, through an IP landscape, the most relevant companies in the field of the technology were identified and mapped.


After, a deeper analysis on how these companies are using their patents was done, e.g. licensing behaviour, geographic coverage, etc. The analysis included and compared big companies and Spin-off.


Lastly, the info gathered was combined and matched with the strategic focus of the research institute and the region it was serving, as well as with the EU priorities for the coming years.


Two main areas with high potential were identified. The areas had global potential but also fitted with the research institute focus. These results helped to design the next steps in terms of technical development and were the starting point for a commercialization strategy.