Seeking out and contacting potential licensees​

Seeking out and contacting potential licensees​

Type of organisation


Problem to solve

A new patented technology has entered the tech-transfer process. There is a need to evaluate the market interest on the technology and seek for a potential licensee.

Steps we took


A straigh-forward and clear technology dossier was created, including: 

  • Technology description and benefits provided
  • Stage of development
  • IPRs around the technology
  • Team behind the innovation
  • Objective of the collaboration sought


A profile of the potentially interested companies was drafted, then a list of the most relevant companies was created. The identification of the companies was based mainly on IPRs information, using public and proprietary databases and software, complemented with other parameters.


The decision-maker within the identified companies were listed and their contact information gathered. Then, Viromii contacted directly these relevant people and presented the technology dossier. The objective of the contact was to assess interest in the technology and arrange meetings with the interested companies and the university.


Follow-ups were performed for 3 months while meetings were being arranged between interested companies, the inventors, the tech-transfer officers and Viromii representative. Besides arranging the meetings, the opinion of the market about the technology was gathered. Finally, we composed a market opinion on the technology analysis that summarized all the results.


Several companies showed interest in the technology and meetings with them and the university were arranged to better describe the technology and assess potential license agreement. After these meetings, one of the companies was especially interested and a MTA was signed in order to send samples to be assessed by the company. These conversations are still on-going. Moreover, other companies showed interest in the research group behind the innovation and are in contact to assess potential collaborations.