Market validation for technology transfer projects

Market validation for technology transfer projects

Type of organisation


Problem to solve

Two companies looking for foreign partners to license out and/or co-develop and commercialise their technologies.

Steps we took


First, the profile of the companies to contact was designed. This decision was based on the geographic scope of the IP and the business model of the customers.


A commercial brochure was created while the main interesting companies to present the technology were identified and mapped.


After having the companies, the decision makers and relevant people in the companies were identified. These people was contacted and the commercial brochure and possibility to license the technology of the customers presented.


The interest of the companies contacted was assessed and the possibility of license or co-develop the technologies presented.


In both cases, it was discovered that the technologies that the customers have developed were not attractive enough for the market the SMEs had chosen. The customers decided to pivot and approach other markets with higher potentials for the technology transfer.